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Budgeting On a Fluctuating Income

Some people do not get a steady income like sales people, freelancers or people who are self-employed. They actually face lot of problems due to fluctuating incomes. It is a nightmare to plan a budget when you have no idea about how much you are going to earn each month. This is a serious problem […]

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5 ways to find the right credit counselor

For many people, managing debt is a real challenge. Luckily, there are people who can help you to manage and pay off your debt. The people I’m referring to are credit counselors. The bad news is that not all credit counselors are the same. Some of them may not act in your best interest. For […]

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Debt problems 3 Tips to avoid bankruptcy

Today, the average American has more than a single credit card. This coupled with the American lifestyle of “gotta have it now” has led to a lot of problems. Specifically speaking, it has led to a lot of debt. In fact, in many cases, the debt has gone out of the control and individuals have […]

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What is credit counseling and how it can benefit you

Counselors act as mentors, guides, advisers, and teachers. Similarly, credit counselors can give you valuable advice and teach you the ways to manage/ lower your debt and improve your financial health. Credit counselors can help you to improve your financial situation even if your debt has reached the tipping point. For many people, financing an […]

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