Canadian homeowners have more negotiating skills than they think when we talk about the Canada Revenue Agency. That’s until the CRA has placed your property and placed a lien on it. Utilizing your home to deal with CRA all comes down to the right timing. If you have some equity in your home and you the CRA money, here are the steps to take.

Everyone knows that tax debt could be alarming; alarming because owing to the CRA money if you cannot pay will likely result in collection activities. Further, tax debt is one of the major reasons why people get behind filing as the money to pay isn’t there and they fear that once the returns are filed, CRA is going to come searching for the money. If you are aware that you have a tax debt, do not wait until the CRA catches up with you. Remember that you can beat them and get a plan, which will effectively deal with your CRA tax debt.

What Are the Options?

In case you didn’t know yet, you more options to deal with CRA tax debt when it has not started enforcement action. A good example of this is homeowners who have tax debt. Let’s say you have or you own a home, have a tax debt, at the same time the CRA puts a lien on the home, this will greatly lessen your options if you really can’t repay them on a monthly basis given that the CRA will become a secured creditor.

The challenge here is your probabilities of being able to make the consumer proposal are extremely lessened once the CRA has taken enforcement action, secured with a lien on your home for instance. The same goes for bankruptcy. If you’re holding the bankruptcy card in your pocket or hoping that filing for bankruptcy may seem like a means to get out of the tax debt, this as well would no longer be a viable option when the CRA becomes secured on the asset such as real estate.

The Faster You Deal with CRA Tax Debt, the Better

Don’t mind problems like financial planning and enforcement action. The presence of tax debt and the CRA collection action against you can lead to damage to your relationship with your family or along with lenders like your mortgage holder or bank, embarrassment at work, and even health issues if you become stressed and have some difficulty coping with the stress.

There’s no need to put yourself through this kind of situation. You will find companies, which can help you with your financial CAR tax debt problem. Selecting the right solution for you could be easier said than done; however, but not if you are aware of your options. Collaborating with a financial consultant employed by you to represent your interest is one great way to assess and check your options and develop your plan.

Remember, dealing with your tax debt before CRA catches up with you will allow you to have relief and move forward on a new footing. Any problem with CRA debt call GTA CREDIT at 416 650 1100