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Declaring bankruptcy will free you from the unsecured debt, and give you a discharge, but it will remain on your credit history for up to 7 years, 1st bankruptcy. However, it does not mean you cannot improve your credit score during this time span. If you live in Canada, and are looking for ways to improve your credit ratings in order to get a car loan or secured credit card, then follow the steps mentioned below to enhance your chances.

Paying Bills on Time

After declaring bankruptcy and getting a discharge, the bank monitors the spending habit and other finances of the individual to ensure that they do not fall in the same pattern again. In order to show them that you are responsible enough, and also to improve your credit ratings, you need to pay all your bills on time. Whether it is water, internet, gas, or cable bill – all this could really have an impact on your credit ratings, and will inform your lender that you are managing your finances well. This will later help you in scoring a secured credit card in around 6 months.

Contract Cell Phones

The best part of contract cell phones is that you have to pay the bills on the monthly basis. Once you apply for a contractual cell phone, your payment details will be sent to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis. If you are paying all the bills in a timely manner, you will be portrayed as a responsible individual, which will automatically boost your credit score.

Wait for Some Time to Apply for a New Credit

Gaining the trust of credit lenders is essential, if you want to get a new credit. However, it is not an easy process. It is normal for the lenders to reject your new credit application even if you are paying your bills on a timely basis every month. So if you are rejected once, do not lose hope and patience. Make sure you are not applying for a lot of credit, and also that there is a gap of minimum of 6 months between applications. If you do not follow this, your credit report will bear the consequences, as the result. The longer you wait, the better outcomes you will get.

Secured Credit Card

Once you get the secured credit card, you initially have to deposit the sum of $1,000. This will secure your credit limit, so that if later, you are not able to pay the money, this money will be used to make those payments. Since the reporting of your credit to the agency is also taking place during this process, you will be reestablishing the credit score by paying the entire amount of credit card bill on time.

Save Money and Don’t Overspend

If you properly budget your money and save it, you will not be needing loans if an emergency strikes. Therefore, saving plays a really important role in rebuilding the credit score. You can use this money as a security deposit or down payment, and face the problem without getting into debt. Moreover, while spending from your credit card, know your limit and do not end up spending more than you can afford.

Follow these 5 tips, and your credit score will improve in no time!

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