Buying a new car is always exciting and when you think about driving your new car you just are in a different world altogether. It is indeed not an easy decision as it needs you to consider some basic things to help buy the right car in your budget. Of course you need to look for the right model and make that suits your needs and along with it comes a lot of other things that you need to consider.

The article will share some important tips that would help you in the process.

Make and model of the car

Of course you want it right. You will be driving your car and you need a car that caters to your needs as well as you enjoy driving your new car.

Ask these questions that will help you pick the right make and model while looking out for a new car.

  • Do you want a car with huge storage space to keep sports equipment or family items?
  • Is the car fuel efficient and compact enough to suit your style?
  • Do you your car to give you the royal feeling of being a king/queen on the road?
  • Or you are hunting for something that lets air come in to play with your hair?

The answers to these questions will help you create a list of different vehicles you love or someone had recommended you. When you are on the road, just be alert and look for different makes and models of car that you may not have noted down in your list. You can then compare those makes and models to pick out the best that you may want to go for a test drive.


You may be ready to spend a little more or even a lot depending on what type of car you want to buy. Before you could prepare your list and pick the makes and models you want to try for a test drive, just determine your budget and ensure you have a spending limit based on your earnings to pay the down payment and further EMIs. You can ask these questions and find out the answers yourself to sort out things

  • How much can you spend?
  • Are you going to pay down payment?
  • What amount can you afford against monthly payments?
  • Any amenities on your list that you consider as most important ones?
  • Will it affect the rates of your car insurance?

Try to find out the current market value of your existing vehicle and then determine whether you want to sell it off privately. It could influence your car or down payments whether you choose to trade-in or sell privately.

Buyer experience      

Get into some research to find out the car dealerships near you. Make sure you gain knowledge that would help you sail through the process of purchasing a new car like

  • Does dealership offered lowest price through advertisements? Or they can negotiate?
  • Will the dealer offer vehicle maintenance on purchase of a used or new car?
  • Are financing or auto loans offered by dealers and if yes what terms are offered currently?
  • Are you looking for leasing versus purchasing a car?

If you wish to buy your new car privately via a private party then you can make use of online sites to check the rating of the seller and find out whether the reviews comprise of any complaints against the sellers to whom he/she has dealt with. Do not forget to check the maintenance history of the vehicle and ask for a test drive in different weather conditions, traffic conditions and different roads.

Research well

Nowadays you can find almost all information you need on the internet.  Consumers can access various resources online to pull out the information about any product or services. You can do a quick online research to gain knowledge about different models and related buying tips for first time buyers of vehicles so that you are confident while buying your new car.

You can find a lot of websites on the internet that are designed to the buying process of cars and they are quite informational.

Best time for car purchase

Well, there is no hard and fast rule that you need to follow to pick the best time when you should buy a new car. It is solely your decision as when you want to buy it. Still, the time span that is recommended to buy a new car is end of summer season, period when inventory is evaluated etc.

In case you feel your existing car can meet all your needs with some upgrades,           you can think about it as you will be able to save a lot of money. You can add certain equipments or parts to make it enhance it performance, storage etc.

Of course you need to negotiate the price with the car dealer while purchasing a new car. Just do not agree on said price. You can just search the price online before you could visit the dealer to get a fair idea about the current price. Try to negotiate and get the best deal. It is better to negotiate the quoted price than negotiating your monthly payment. Make sure you get the price you want. Before you could buy a new car make sure you determine your budget and how you are going to pay the monthly instalments.

If you are seeking car loan and check for the lenders that offer lower rates of interest. Once your loan is approved you will get to know the amount you can spend. You can also compare the interest rates with car dealers      as you may get better rates. Make sure you arrange for your documents to get loan approval before you start looking for a loan.

The tips given above will help make a smart move and smart decisions and enjoy riding your new car.