Make Your Paycheck Last Longer

Counting days until the paycheck for the month arrives is something most of us do. Stretching the limited amount of money through the last few days remaining is a tricky ordeal, yet most of us tend to go through it. However, the good news is that you don’t have to continue living like that. You can make your hard-earned salary last longer with a few adjustments that can result in significant savings.

1. Make Your Own Coffee

We know you love your morning coffee, more so when you buy it from the coffee shop everyday on your way to work. It may not seem like it, but spending a small amount on coffee every morning adds up to be a considerable sum of money by the end of the month. We are not asking you to give up your coffee altogether, but switching to home-made coffee wouldn’t harm you plus you’d be able to save precious bucks to get you through the month.

2. Repair What You Can

Simple things that need repairing can mostly be accomplished using tutorials and instructional videos available online. There used to be a time when the smallest of things related to cars, appliances, or other technical issues required you to hire a handyman, with almost everything available on Google now, a handyman can be easily kept as a second option. No handyman means, no outflow of money.

3. Draw up a Daily Budget

Once you get your pay, make it a point to first pay off and buy the necessities- utility bills, rent, groceries, mortgages, etc. With the money left over, budget yourself to an amount that you can spend every day for the remaining days. For example, if you are left with $300 and you have 15 days until the next payday, you can afford to spend a maximum of $20 daily on average. However, if you manage to instead restrict yourself to spending $12 daily, you will have $120 left before your next paycheck arrives.  

4. Don’t Spend to Make up For Guilt

We understand that as parents, most of you have tough job routines and timings; you are only trying to provide better for your families. Most of you spend considerable time away from home and your children, and then spend on gifts and things for your children to make up for lost time. Don’t do that – try and spend more quality time with your kids, even if it is just a few hours a day. There is no need to spend unnecessarily when you can make up for lost time by simple acts like reading a story to them, or watching their favorite movie together or playing games, or simply popping corn with them. These make for great memories, worth much more than things and cost absolutely nothing.

The alterations to be made to your habits are small, but can go a long way to help you maintain a comfortable living without spending too much. Make your paycheck last longer, or visit GTA Credit Solutions Services Ltd. for customized expert advice related to your financial struggles.


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