Living in this economic era is not easy. It can leave you exhausted, deprived, and confused about how to make do with your limited resources. It is true, resources are scarce, and we have to work too hard to earn them, which is why sometimes it becomes difficult to go on spending the way you like. There are always things we need to save for. When it comes to savings, the first thing that comes into our minds is to create a budget and stick to it in order to avoid spending more than it is needed.

Talking about living on a strict budget, let’s admit that it is not easy at all. However, it’s not that difficult either, if you manage to take care of a few things. It all depends on your attitude and how you manage your resources. If you have proper management, then even little may seem more. However, oftentimes, I have seen people making such mistakes that only make it difficult for them to stick to their budgets and give in to their spending habits. Living on a budget is not that difficult, but there certain things that make it hard for people to stick to it.

  • While deciding to live on a budget, we need to know what we are aiming for. You must know what you are cutting back for, what will be the end result, and what will you achieve after all these savings. You need to have a clear goal in your mind. There is always a precursor, a need that makes us restrict our spending. Otherwise, the retrains will take over you after some time, and you will lose all the motivation to carry along with your plan. You can only stick to a budget if you have a motivating goal in front of you – a holiday, new mobile, or if you are going big, then probably a new house by the lakeside!
  • Yes, the whole purpose of making a budget is to limit your expenses and tie the loose ends, which you can trip over. However, a fixed budget will only leave you stressed and burned out. You need to ensure that your budget is flexible enough to incorporate some adjustments. If your budget is too fixed, you will eventually give up. You do not have to think that just because you are on a budget, you cannot afford to treat yourself on a good dinner or drinks with your friends in the afternoon. Be realistic and have some flexibility in your budget.
  • There are certain expenses that only need to be paid once a year. They almost get lost at the back of our mind and you might not remember until the deadline arrives. It could be your car tax or your yearly online subscriptions – all these can come up all of a sudden, leaving you in panic, and take a hit on your budget. Avoid this. Calculate all your one-off expenses and take out a little amount for them from each month’s budget, so it doesn’t become a headache at the end.