Wondering If There’s A Connection Between Unpaid Parking Tickets And Your Credit Score?

Forgot to pay that parking ticket you got a while ago? Ignored it? That same ticket won’t disappear and leaving them unpaid can more than likely end up on your credit report.

If you have unpaid parking tickets piling up, it can affect your credit score. Say in an instance if you were to apply for a credit loan, the party lending to you will be able to see any debts you owe which may also include parking tickets. Keep tabs on your credit report just in case you may have missed a ticket or two.


Pay The Tickets Off

If you do spot an unpaid parking ticket, take care of it! Get into contact with a city official to pay it off and any other fees that are attached to it for example late fees, service fee, etc. Then talk about getting it removed from your public record and credit report because doing this in return will improve your score and will make it that much better.

Avoid putting yourself into situations that will end up costing you an expense of a parking ticket. If it does occur then the best course of action is to pay it off as soon as possible. Even those different rules apply in different areas and not all cities send unpaid tickets to collections, it can still be negatively impactful on your credit report. It may stay there for time which in return which is not a good thing. So remember to pay it off your parking tickets!

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