There have been changes made during this pandemic time to EI (Employment Insurance) and CRB (Canada Recovery Benefit) and with this the implications of prohibiting garnishment is still intact for creditors. If you do have an overpayment in any case with your EI the government can then pay you less going forward. It isn’t garnishment but still would work in the same way.

The purpose of the benefits is to help workers who have lost their jobs or income due to COVID-19. According to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Act CRB (Canadian Recover Benefit which was known as CERB before) and Canada Child Benefit (CCB) cannot be used as security for a loan, it can’t be garnished or used as right of set off by our government for government debts, it’s not garnishable for support payments, and cannot be considered to be seen as an income or a possession of property when it comes to bankruptcy.

In conclusion you are allowed to keep any support payments given by the government during this time that was sent to you due to Covid-19 and the Emergency Response Act. A debt collector in no way shape or form will be able to threaten you claiming that those wages will be garnished because that is not the case in all of Canada.

It is important to note however that once these government payments reach your bank account, it is seen as cash and no longer a benefit payment. That means the bank is legally allowed by the right of offset to take money that is owed to them.

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