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How Can I Make A Complaint About A Collection Agency In Canada?

  Wherever you may be in this world, borrowing money or purchasing items on credit and repaying the capital amount and the relevant interest component is a standard procedure. You would get into such a transaction with good faith but somewhere down the line during the course of the said transaction you could encounter problems […]

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10 Easy Ways To Save Money In Canada

We all need to save money for a rainy day and if we do not we could be in trouble when an unforeseen disaster strikes. The lifestyle in Canada could be quite fast with everything that you would do taking a few dollars from your pocket. If you continue in that trend you would be […]

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How Much CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) Charge in Penalties and Interest?

As an earner in Canada, you are legally bound to making the tax payments to the Canada Revenue Agency. In fact, you need to focus about making your tax payments on time. Failing to make these tax payments on time can lead you towards a variety of negative consequences in the long run. That’s because […]

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What Kinds of Debts are Not Covered in a Bankruptcy in Canada?

  When you are not in a position to settle your debts, you simply go ahead and file for bankruptcy. However, all the types of debts are not being covered when you file for bankruptcy. Hence, it is important for you to have a clear understanding on what debts are covered and what debts are […]

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