Monthly Archives: June 2015

Dealing with student loan debt

As reading week passes, graduating students start to contemplate their futures outside the halls of academia and one of the most prominent things on their minds will be paying off their student debts. Their educations have largely been paid for through a combination of gifts (scholarships from schools or organizations, and/or monetary offerings from parents […]

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Use and demand respect when dealing with collection agencies

Everybody dreads calls from collection agencies, but there are certain guidelines collection agencies must follow in dealing with debtors and there are certain things consumers can do to protect themselves from the harassment some collection agencies employ. First of all, let’s understand why collection agencies do what they do. They have been hired by creditors […]

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TFSAs and bankruptcy

When contemplating drastic action to resolve your financial woes, it is important to consider what you get to keep and what you have to give up. One of the first things a trustee in bankruptcy does is figure out if you are insolvent. In other words, if you liquidate assets, are you able to pay […]

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